Grocery DiscountsLocal stores in Georgia are offering a number of deals this week. If you are in Georgia, check these deals out and bring your coupons with you. has featured the local deals in Georgia for the week. The website features different deals in various locations every Monday and Thursday, giving consumers a hint about which coupons to use and which stores to go to for great deals.

In Georgia, Publix organizes sales for its grocery items in Wednesday and Thursday. The Daytona event at Kroger is still ongoing, now approaching its second week. With this promotional event, purchasing 10 items from participating products gives you $3 off on your purchases. Other on-sale items at Kroger include pasta under the Chef Boyardee label. These pasta products are being sold for $0.69 cents currently. Pita chips from Stacy’s are now $2 each. Plus, there were coupons in the newspapers recently for $.075 cents off on Stacy’s products. In the beverage area, Blue Diamond®’s Almond Breeze is 2 for $5. You will need a coupon for this deal though. Select varieties of Kraft and Sargento Cheese (shredded or in bars) are sold for $1.99. There were coupons for these products that were offered on June 19 and are still good.

At Walgreens, you can get toothbrushes for free this week. It’s because there were Oral B $2-off coupons available July 4 which you can use for the $2 Oral-B toothbrush. At CVS, Oral-B toothbrushes are also available for free, just like at Walgreens.

At Wal-Mart, Cheese Nips are sold at a dollar each. June 19 coupons included a dollar off for every two boxes of this product.