Delhaize (pronounced De-LE-ze) America is a subsidiary of the Delhaize Group of Belgium. The main pursuit of the Group is the operation of grocery stores.

The Group operates primarily in the U.S. and Belgium, but does business in eight other countries, on three different continents, in particular, Greece, Luxembourg, Romania, and Indonesia. The sales network includes supermarkets, specialty stores, neighborhood stores, and convenience stores.

In the United States, Delhaize America operates three main food market chains. They are:

Food Lion LLC – Mid-Atlantic and Southeast



Bottom Dollar

Hannaford  Bros.– Northeastern states

Sweetbay Supermarket – Florida

They are located primarily on the Eastern Seaboard. The locations and number of stores is as follows:

States and Number of Stores (states without stores are not shown)

Delaware 21
Florida 139
Georgia 114
Kentucky 11
Maine 58
Maryland 75
Massachusetts 26
New Hampshire 32
New York 45
North Carolina 503
Pennsylvania 8
South Carolina 148
Tennessee 64
Vermont 14
Virginia 331
West Virginia 18

The distribution of the particular chains include the largest, Food Lion, with 1,332 stores covering Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, most of Georgia, and West Virginia, and about half of Kentucky and Tennessee.

The next in numbers is Hannaford with 171 stores located in all of Vermont, most of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and about half of New York.

The smallest group is Sweetbay, which covers most of central Florida to the Gulf of Mexico, with 104 locations.

In January 2012, the company publicized the closing of all of the Bloom locations as part of restructuring in the U.S. The Bloom banner will be withdrawn and the stores changed to Food Lion or closed altogether.

Food Lion LLC, the biggest subsidiary of Delhaize Group consists of the banners of Food Lion, Bottom Dollar and Harvey’s and Reid’s.

Hannaford Brothers is currently the second biggest supermarket group with headquarters in New England. They are considered the largest employer in Maine.

The Bottom Dollar Food chain is a bare-bones style supermarket with displays similar to those found in warehouse stores. Products are displayed in opened boxes and placed on bare shelves. Customers have to bag their own groceries and bring their own bags or buy them at the store.

Sweetbay Supermarkets are the result of the absorption of the Kash n’Karry stores in Florida. Sweetbay market took on the store design, pricing and private labels of Hannaford Bros. in New England.

The different stores have had their own private labels as many were acquired as other brands. As of 2011 Delhaize America is consolidating and economizing their distribution needs and will now carry three private Delhaize America brands.

My Essentials – Food products

Healthy Accents – Health and beauty products

Home 360 – Home products and cleaners

As of fiscal year end 2010 (the latest data available) total U.S. sales were $19 billion. That entire total is related to food and other grocery sales. Delhaize America is rated as number 10 in the U.S. market with 2.5% market share. They can be found on the NYSE as DEG and Euronext as DELB.

Banners: Food Lion, Hannaford Brothers, Sweetbay, Harvey’s, Bottom Dollar