delhaize_groupDelhaize company is a food retailer based out of Belgium, with supermarket retailers in Europe. North America and Southeast Asia. The banners operating under Delhaize America are Food Lion, Bottom Dollar and Harvery’s in the Southeast/Mid-Atlantic, Hannaford in the Northeast, and Sweetbay Supermarkets (formerly Kash n’ Karry) in Florida. The different banners all offer different savings and promotions so the shopper can maximize their purchases while minimizing the cost.

Food Lion has five different ways that their shoppers can save on all kinds of purchases in the store. Aside from the traditional weekly circular and coupons, which both allow items to be placed on a virtual shopping list and printed out for use in store, Food Lion also has an MVP rewards card. An MVP rewards card, which you can apply for online, gives shopper immediate access to low prices, special promotions, automatic savings, and personalized coupons. There is also the shoppers companion e-mail, which delivers exclusive and limited coupons to members. Finally there is the saving star mobile app, which allows users to get cash back on savings using their MVP card. Food Lion makes their savings programs easy to use with quick member sign-ups and access to coupons for non-members as well.

Bottom Dollar food supermarket, located across the southeast states, works a bit differently than Food Lion. For access to savings, e-mail sign up for a free membership card is required. Once you receive the free membership card, you can start saving through e-coupons, which allow you to load coupons directly to the card, money mail, a weekly flyer with special promotions sent directly to your inbox, or the tradition weekly circular for your local store. Bottom dollar members and account holders can maximize their savings in a quick and easy manner, as all the opportunities for savings are done through email and the membership card. There’s no need to carry around paper print outs and circulars around with you when you shop.

Harvey’s, located in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia, also works on member savings but has options for non-members. The Harveys Hometown Rewards Key, for members who hold an account, offers savings and promotions on specials outside of the weekly circular and coupons. The weekly circular can be found by a search for city/state or zip code, and then through a specific store. On the image of the circular, you can chose the items you want, add them to your shopping list and then print them for use in store. The other savings opportunity with Harvey’s is their promotions section. These promotions include currently running give-a-ways, sweepstakes, special day savings (e.g. cheap chicken monday, pig pickin’ thursday, etc.) and Key card specials.

Hannaford is a banner of Delhaize located in the northeast United States. Hannaford supermarket follows the coupon tradition by offering a weekly circular for your local store as well as printable manufacturer coupons. Hannaford carries their own brand of products that can be found for less money than the name-brand everyday products. The weekly circular ad gives coupons for all products ranging from fresh produce, dairy, meats and packaged goods.

Sweetbay Supermarket, or Kash n’ Karry before Delhaize’s aquisition, is located along the west coast of Florida. Sweetbay has a range of produce and packaged goods, also specializing in Hispanic products for the local clientele. In addition to the weekly flyer where you can add coupons to a printable shopping list, Sweetbay offers printable manufacturer coupons and the Saving Star. The saving star is a mobile application that not only allows you to use digital e-coupons but also to earn cash back rewards.

All of the Delhaize Group banner stores provide several savings opportunities for their customers across the south and northeast United States.

If you have had any experience with any of the savings programs at the Delhaize Group Banner stores, please leave a comment below.