New York-based importer R.D. Food Services LP/Jetro Cash & Carry Enterprises LLC has announced a recall for about 2,900 lbs. of cooked diced bacon. The company is recalling the product because of a possible Listeria contamination. The recall was announced on the 22nd of July, with the assistance of the FSIS and the USDA.

The problem was discovered when the FSIS conducted a routine sampling of the products on July 19. Results of the tests showed that the sample tested was positive for the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes. This product was imported from Canada and the rest of the products represented by the tested sample have already been put on hold. However, Canada’s Agency for Food Inspection notified the U.S. FSIS that there were additional products that were already shipped to the United States.

The following is specific information about the recalled diced bacon product:
Product description: “Assoluti Cooked Diced Bacon”
Case code: 1173
EST Number: 169A
Certification Numbers: 406515, 406562, 406516
The affected products also bear Canada’s inspection mark, along with the certification numbers.

Listeria monocytogenes can cause Listeriosis, a type of food poisoning that can be potentially fatal, especially in young children or the elderly. Common symptoms of Listeria include nausea, severe headache, stiff neck and high fever. Currently, there have been no cases of Listeriosis related to the recalled diced bacon product.

The affected products were shipped to distribution centers in Illinois, Michigan, Florida and Ohio. Customers of the product can call 312-656-6833 if they have concerns and inquiries regarding the recall. They can ask to speak to the company’s representative, Walter Tatera.