According to a recent research conducted by eMarketer, almost half of America’s online population will be redeeming digital coupons this year.

According to the research, 47% of Americans on the Internet will be claiming at least one digital coupon for this year alone. This statistic, as predicted by eMarketer, will increase even more by 2013, going up to 49%. After that, redemption of digital coupons is predicted to slow down due to saturation.

According to a separate research conducted by Experian Simmons, statistics for coupon redemption via email or websites has doubled from 12% to 22% in a span of about five years. These statistics are an indication of the rapidly rising popularity of online buying sites and daily deals in the United States. Firms like LivingSocial and Groupon are the leaders in bringing online coupon to new heights.

According to eMarketer analyst Jeffrey Grau, a majority of those who use online coupons are highly educated and affluent people over 55 years old. This type of information is important for marketers in creating different promotional campaigns and as to what kinds of products can be promoted with coupons. Market research group Morpace supports the research done by eMarketer when it released a report showing that about two thirds of consumers in the United States have downloaded printable coupons from online stores. Also, Morpace’s research showed that 94% of American consumers know about online coupon systems. Currently, the market for daily deals is one of those that are growing very fast and one that investors are eyeing.