A Loyola University psychological scientist believes that moods people get are dependent on what they eat. According to his study, participants who ate organic food were more judgmental than those who ate comfort foods. But is this really the case? Does organic food make people unbearable?

Moods are influenced by many things and it would be preposterous to make such a claim that organic food makes people intolerable. Those who partake of organic food probably just want to eat healthy and are mindful of their health so it would not be logical to claim that it’s the organic food that affects their mood. There are many things that can affect people’s moods ranging from the weather, music, scents and music. For instance, people exposed to high temperatures are more likely to be irritable than those exposed to average temperatures. Flowers are also known to affect people’s moods, especially in a positive way. The presence of flowers in a room elicits joyful emotions, making the atmosphere in that particular room more cheerful than it was without the flowers. Additionally, music too has the ability to alter a person’s mood in just a few seconds. But sometimes it is the mood that dictates what kind of music one listens to. No wonder lovers like listening to romantic songs and happy people will probably listen to techno music. This means that there are chances that the participants who were fed with organic food exposed themselves or were exposed to mood changing elements such as aggressive music or extremely high temperatures that probably made them insufferable.

In conclusion, there are many things that are bound to affect a person’s moods so it would be unreasonable to claim that it is organic food that affects people’s moods.