Increased Gas PricesDuring the last weekly survey, gas prices have hit $3.52 gallon, and this increase will again have a ripple effect on every household budget. As people end up spending more and more on gas and other necessities such as groceries, it is inevitable that increasing gas prices and food inflation will put a strain on budgets. Chrissy Pate of gives out money saving tips on how to re-budget your money effectively.

Do your shopping in only one store as much as possible. If it can’t be helped, shop where there is a cluster of stores where you can just walk from one store to the next. This will help to save money by not having to drive from one store to another.

Do your shopping when you are already out. Have your grocery list ready and shop at stores that you pass by on your way to your daily activities. Multi-tasking by including your grocery shopping will not only make better use of your time, it will make better use of your gas when you have to go out for other activities.

Avoid shopping frequently. For instance, make your grocery list worth 10 days of meals instead of just seven days. In that way, you are able to save gas money by making fewer trips to the grocery. Buying in bulk is also another way to do this.

Try to have some groceries delivered. If the local grocery store offers delivery services, check if the service fee is less than the gas money that you will be spending when you go grocery shopping. If it is, then maybe grocery deliveries might be a better option for you.