E. Waldo Ward E. Waldo Ward & Son, Inc. is a food manufacturing company that manufactures artisan jams, marmalades and jellies. It is one of the well known jam manufacturers in California. The company is based in Sierra Madre and distributes its products to all parts of the US.

The history of E. Waldo Ward & Son Inc. traces back to 1891, when Edwin Waldo Ward, Sr. relocated from New York to California where he was working as a luxury goods importer. When he reached Sierra Madre in California, he bought some land to cultivate navel oranges. He got the land from the founder of Sierra Madre, Nathaniel Carter. A few years later, he bought another 20 acres of land. In 1900, he got married, and decided to settle on Highland Avenue in Sierra Madre. He also built a home for his family.

Along with farming, he was also doing research to find a good recipe for English style marmalade. He also made many close friends during his stay in California. After a few years, he bought a couple of special orange trees that were needed for the manufacture of his unique marmalade with the help of a friend. When he got them, he planted almost 600 trees by grafting them. These trees are still preserved in remembrance of the founder.

By 1915, he came up with a great recipe for making the marmalades. Thus, he started his marmalade business in 1918. The business became very successful. One of the major customers of Ward was train travelers. When WWI reduced imports from other countries people started buying Ward’s marmalades. Over the years, more products such as jams, olive oil, and jellies were also introduced. Marmalades now account for 10% of the company’s total production.

The manufacturing plant of the company is still standing at the same place. The company hasn’t made any attempt to expand the business and build more facilities. This was actually done to preserve the great quality of its products. The company makes sure that all of its products are manufactured from natural raw materials. It uses pure corn sugar to make jams. The traditional recipe is still used in the manufacturing of marmalades.

Today, the fourth generation of the Ward family is managing the company. One of the well known products of the company is Wisteria Jelly. This jelly is specially made for the Wisteria Festival in California.

Company headquarters: 273 E. Highland Ave., Sierra Madre, CA, USA
Ownership: Private
Number of employees: 10 to 15
Geography: USA
Demography: Natural and Organic

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