’Vegetables are one of the food products that should be consumed on a daily basis. In addition to being tasty, vegetables contain essential nutrients and vitamins that improve the general health. There are so many parents who are desperate to get their children to eat vegetables. Children tend to be picky and may eat less or no vegetables at all. There are a number of tips or steps that would encourage children or other picky eaters to consume vegetables. Some of them will be highlighted in this article.

Many children will not touch strong-flavored vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, cauliflower or kale. This is because children have taste buds that are extremely sensitive to their sour and bitter undertones. When fed with such vegetables, they recoil. While most children outgrow such reactions, there are others who do not outgrow it at all. One of the key tips to getting such kids to eat vegetables is dunking the veggie in question in low-fat ranch dressing. This has proved to be effective in eliminating the broccoli flavor that most children do not like.

Some people would go to the extent of doing anything to make their children consume more vegetables. These include using creamy dressings containing saturated fats and sugar. Rather than doing so, there are other alternatives such as whipping up a homemade dip made from yogurt containing no fat. Other additives to add to vegetables, especially for adults include walnuts, raisins, pepper, salt, parsley, chives. A splash of lemon or orange juice would also work well. A bit of honey may also be added in some cases.