Buschs1043Busch’s Fresh Foods, almost thirty-year institution in Saline has almost completed its store makeover, following many months of construction. The makeover will affect both the product mix and the layout. The store’s Marketing Vice President, Marla Booth, said that they have plans for coming up on their 30th anniversary this month in Saline. Since the Saline community has been great for the store, they considered sprucing up the sore and delivering better services and experience to their customers. When a customer enters the store, the first thing to notice is the store’s revamped produce and floral section. The organic selection has also been increased. Seasonally, more Michigan products will also be introduced.

Busch’s store works with produce wholesalers around the region to source the local produce. For example, Booth noted that this year, the store provided a bumper apple crop. It worked with Lucido’s produce and Mike Lucido, to recognize or identify the farmers that the company could source Honey Crisp apples from. Booth further acknowledged the fact that Lucido helped them find what was wanted at the right time and in the right quantity. Another section that saw improvements in the recent revamping is the cheese section. Busch’s chose to develop a “one-stop cheese shopping” division, unlike most conventional grocery stores where artisanal and mass-produced cheeses are shelved separately. Booth said that they are extremely happy about the shopability of the store. The selection of artisanal cheeses was generally expanded when the changes were brought in. The size and selection of the beer and wine section has also increased in the store. There is now a wide range of craft beers in the mix. It is clearly evident that Busch’s store has undergone a major revamping.