Another extreme couponer shares that for this year so far, she has never had to spend money for her groceries.

Polk County, Florida, resident, Missy Eby, said that she started couponing over a year ago, when she tried using her coupons at drugstores and grocery stores. Since then, Eby has gotten really good and has become an expert at couponing that she spends nothing in most of her trips to the grocery store. Just recently, Eby and Tammy Novak, a close friend, went grocery shopping at Publix in Winter Haven. They brought a lot of coupons ready to be used.

At the grocery store, Eby and Novak picked up a lot of canned goods, gum, Easter candy and frozen food. To demonstrate how she saves a lot by couponing, Eby picked up a container of condensed milk which cost $4.79. Since Eby had a coupon for $5 off on that particular product, she got the condensed milk product for free and even got paid $0.21 cents for it.

Upon checkout, the total groceries that the two had picked up was $123. After scanning all their coupons, the two had to be paid $5 by the store. However, instead of cashing the $5, they agreed to just purchase some grapes with it.

According to the duo, they always make sure to call first when they plan to use coupons for their grocery shopping so that the store’s staff can prepare. They also make sure to follow all the policies of the store. Eby also added that with her couponing, she is able to extend help to the community by teaching others how to effectively use coupons to save money. She also donates a lot of her extra food to the community’s food bank.