boxed cakesTrans-fats, which are known to clog arteries, were at some point American’s diet staple. They were mainly found in microwave popcorn, fried foods and baked goods. Considering the health risks associated with such fats, the Food and Drug Administration has decided to get rid of them completely. The FDA made an announcement for the food industry to phase out the trans-fats on a gradual basis, claiming that they posed a threat to the general public health. Most of those ingredients have already been phased out of the food supply, thanks to the medical community’s criticism. Currently, an average American consumes around one gram of trans-fat daily. This is the main reason why the FDA is phasing out this remainder. According to previous statistics, such a move would prevent an extra twenty thousand cases of heart attack and about seventy thousand deaths.

Although the Food and Drug Administration has not yet set a timeline for phasing out the trans-fats, people are free to give their feedback and comments for the next two months. Different timelines may be assigned for different foods depending on the ease to get a substitute. According to the FDA’s Foods Deputy Commissioner, Michael Taylor, the phase-out will be done in such a manner that it does not disrupt the markets. According to evidence obtained from numerous scientific studies, trans-fats do not have any health benefits. They are thought to lower the level of good cholesterol and increase the bad cholesterol levels. Trans-fats may increase the risk of heart-related illnesses and even heart attack. In restaurants and processed foods, trans-fats serve the major role of improving the flavor, shelf life, and texture of foods. Trans-fats have already been phased out by many companies. The FDA’s move is a good one and can enhance the health and well-being of the general public.