Filco is a chain of small supermarkets or grocery chains based in Wales. The company operates a total of eight stores in different parts of Wales and is a member of Nisa.


Filco supermarkets were founded in 1946. It was Philip Jones and his wife Eleanor who founded the company, putting up their first store in the area of Llantwit Major. During that time, coupon books and rationing were popular in the country. In those times, different types of tea were not sold pre-packed but still had to be weighed, and cheese was still cut from huge rounds.

When Philip started his grocery business, the concept of frozen and ready-to-eat frozen meals were not yet in existence and so products sold at the store were all fresh. The store would accept orders that were “put up” by the customer and then deliver these orders first by bike, then by motorcycle after a couple of years.

In 1964, Philip’s family relocated to the area of Boverton Road and opened another grocery store there. This store caused excitement when it was opened, as it was to be the first supermarket to have a self-service concept in the area of South Wales. The opening of this store was the beginning of a new age for the Philip’s family. Because of the self-service concept of the store, it stopped receiving orders and delivering goods to its customers. Back then the store was still called “Philip Jones Food Markets Unlimited Trading.” The company was already a member of Spar (retail merchandising service) and was carrying its banner.

In 1968, four more stores opened in the area of Cowbridge and two years after, one store was opened in the area of Bryntirion. It was also in the same year that the stores started offering vegetables and fruits. In 1973, the company opened a store in North Cornelly and in 1979, it opened one in the area of Talbot Green. In 1979, Philip Jones’ supermarkets resigned from Spar and then joined NISA (National Independent Supermarket Association). The company decided to leave Spar because it was recognized as a group of small corner stores and Philip Jones’ supermarkets had already outgrown that concept.

For 10 years beginning in the 1980s, the stores underwent expansion and the company continued to prosper. In 1998, the company added a new store, this time in the area of Taibach. It was also during this time that the company and stores’ name was changed to Filco Foods. In the succeeding years, the company, as well as the stores, continued with steady growth. Even today, Filco continues to work on its development and expansion.

Headquarters: Vale of Glamorgan, Wales
Ownership Type: private
Employees: information not available
Geography: UK
Demography: retail products consumers

Filco Supermarkets

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