FFI, or Fine Foods International, Ltd, is a British food manufacturing company that is engaged in the production of hot beverages such as coffee. The company has its headquarters in Surrey, UK.


Fine Foods International was founded in 1984 and has been based since its founding in the area of Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey. The company produced different forms of coffee, as well as coffee whiteners and chocolate.

Today, FFI not only produces and distributes its products all throughout the UK, it markets its products internationally as well. Since its inception, the company’s product line has expanded to include malted drinks and iced tea. Among the forms of coffee that it produces and distributes include instant, roast, ground, freeze-dried, granulated and powder coffee.

Currently, FFI is considered one of the leading companies in the UK in the field of instant, ground or roast coffee. It is also a leader in supplying the country with hot beverages.

FFI prides itself in putting priority on the innovation of product development, as well as in the development of modern packing designs. The company’s basic philosophy is to maintain its consistence in delivering high-quality products to its customers. FFI is able to live up to this philosophy with the help of its flexible, state-of-the-art production facilities.

With the available facilities, FFI is able to supply its customers with the exact blends that they require. The company’s experienced and knowledgeable staff ensures that the products are of the highest consistency and quality. With this, FFI’s customers can be assured that the coffee or other hot beverage that they are getting from the company is of excellent quality.

FFI produces and packages its coffee products in its Dunstable manufacturing facility. In the plant, fine coffee powder is agglomerated and then packed into composite tins and glass jars. This is also the site where FFI’s freeze-dried coffee is packed for wholesale and retail, as well as for manufacturing requirements.

FFI is currently a part of the Cafea Gruppe, which helps the company open up a complete range of instant coffee beverages for its customers. FFI handles distribution of the Cafea Gruppe products in the area of the USA and the UK.

Ownership Type: private
Employees: information not available
Geography: UK
Demography: coffee and hot beverage drinkers, foodservice operators

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