Fish_curryFirst set of ingredients

1/4 cup of grated coconut

4 to 5 pearl onions

3 garlic leaves

4 curry leaves

3 red chilies

1 teaspoon of cumin seeds

Second set of ingredients

2 fish fillets (cut into pieces)

1 diced or crushed tomato

1/4 cup of tamarind juice

1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder

1 teaspoon of chili powder

4 curry leaves

1 green chilly

1/4 teaspoon of mustard

2 tablespoons of oil

1/4 of Fenugreek seeds

1/4 teaspoon of Asafoetida powder


Coriander/Cilantro leaves for garnishing


The first step is heating some oil in a skillet and frying all the ingredients from the first list. The skillet is removed from fire and cooled once the aroma begins coming out. After cooling, everything is ground together with some water to get a fine paste and kept aside. In a deep vessel or clay vessel, oil is heated and the mustard, curry leaves and fenugreek seeds spluttered. This is followed by adding the chili powder, tamarind juice, turmeric powder, coriander powder, salt, tomatoes, and Asafoetida powder, as well as ground masala. The mixture is brought to boil. The fish fillets are added, covered and cooked for ten minutes on low to medium flame. The fish fillets should be cooked until they become soft and opaque. The final step is garnishing with cilantro, fresh curry leaves, and green chilly.

Important Tips

You can choose to add raw mango pieces and split drumstick along with fish fillets. Another tip is letting the fish curry simmer in low heat for fifteen to twenty minutes for enhanced flavor. This should rest for two hours prior to serving. Resting allows the juices to get absorbed into the pieces of fish.