folgersFolgers offers a complete line of ground, instant, and single servings of premium coffees. It has been advertised as Mountain Grown and offering, “the best way to wake up in the morning.” The brand was originally made in the 1850s in San Francisco by the Pioneer Steam Coffee purveyors, before being purchased by James Folger in 1872. Folger’s became, over the decades, the principle coffee manufacture in America and was acquired by Procter and Gamble in 1963, which promptly dropped the apostrophe from the name. It was acquired after a specialized agreement by the J. M. Smucker Company in 2008. During the P&G years, it became the #1 coffee purchased in America, offering a quality product at a reasonable price point.

Currently there are nine brands offered in the Folger line: Classic (in the iconic red can or plastic tub), Classic Complements, Simply Smooth, Flavored (Hazelnut is #1), Gourmet Selections (Carmel Drizzle), Instant Crystals, Single Serve Packets, K-cup Pods, and Cappuccino. The line offers a coffee for every mood, taste and desired strength. The company offers on-line recipes and methods for brewing the coffees; there is even an app on which you can customize designs to wrap around the can. Regardless of the huge surge in “gourmet” coffee lines, Folgers remains a major competitive brand, with 15.5 % share of the coffee market in the US. This compares to the 3.3% share held by Starbucks. The most recent ad campaign, featuring returning soldiers and students who are “Home for the Holidays” invokes the simple, basic pleasures derived from a good cup of coffee.

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