Everyone keeps talking about food hygiene and food safety, but lately it seems that all that is tied to food hygiene and safety is outbreaks. There have been many scares of an outbreak of many bacteria. Examples are the beef recall in Canada due to the possibility of the E. coli O157, or the outbreak that caught up with about 11,000 students because of contaminated frozen strawberries. There was also the story of how the Salmonella pathogen was becoming more vigorous and harder to fight off. It seems there is always a story on how these foods, which are supposed to be good for us, are somehow affecting us negatively.

When it comes to food safety and hygiene, it is essential to ensure that the right type of foods are selected. As much as a very large population of the world love to eat their meat products, the fruits and vegetables need not be left behind. On eating fruits and vegetables, it is necessary for people to adopt the idea of eating more. A very small percentage of the population in the world eat enough fruits and vegetables. This is making people weak and they need to improve on this particular eating habit. However, despite this philosophy of eating more, the consumer advocates and environmental groups have been warning people for a long time on the importance of ensuring that what we eat is pesticide free. The most recent warning was featured on the Dr. Oz show. Dr. Oz focused on the pesticide issues and the effects on children. While it was found that there have been cases of pesticide traces on fruits and vegetables, these foods are however, incredibly important to any person’s diet.

This means that despite the fact that some fruits and vegetables may contain traces of pesticide they are highly important in any diet. Wash all fruit and vegetables with cold water before eating.