2013plateEveryone has his own personal preferences when it comes to food and ingredients. However, there are some items that should be on every shopping list. The ongoing trend that has seen consumers becoming more aware of their dietary habits has forced them to be cautious while shopping.  Following are a number of not-to-be-missed items, as they are very much ‘in.’

The first group is fermented foods. Regarded as aiding in digestion, since they are sold in pre-digested form, these ingredients will probably turn out in most of the year’s recipes and would therefore be good to put in your shopping cart. Another added advantage is that they are  a source of live bacteria, which are very beneficial to the body. These products include yogurt, soymilk, sauerkraut and cereals.

The next group of products to have in your 2013 kitchen is vegetables. Dishes such as Casserole Steaks as well as desserts like parsnip pie will be stepping up to the dinner plate. Having a vegetable-stocked refrigerator will therefore prove to be very beneficial when trying to wow visitors with gourmet salads. Look out especially for mustard and chard. Moreover, ancient grains will be a favorite for many since they are high in protein content as well as fiber, and will be taking over from rice and quinoa. Worth checking out will be Farro and the Freekeh.

Concerning the prevalent meat scandals, the consumer may prefer to eat high-grade meat from top range breeds such as Devon Beef.  Locally produced items will continue to be at the top everyone’s lists, as will products that have not been intensively processed. This year will definitely experience a shift in consumer thinking and with the manufacturers working 24 hours to capture their attention, the food trend will definitely continue to grow and become more exciting.