Fresh and Easy StoreThe Bay Area finally has its first branches of Fresh and Easy grocery stores. These stores had a grand opening last Wednesday, March 2, 2011 in the areas of San Jose and Danville, California.

One of the store locations is at 1409 Bird Avenue, in the Willow Glen area of San Jose. The two Fresh and Easy branches are just the first of 13 branches that have been planned to open in the Bay Area in the succeeding months.

The stores are designed such that the center aisles contain most anything one can find in a large supermarket. On the walls and on the side rows are displays of dairy, produce, nuts, as well as crackers and dehydrated fruit cookies. The meat section is also among the first rows in the store.

Fresh & Easy spokesman, Brendan Wonnacott, stated that the store basically has everything that one needs to run a household. Proof of this is that a Fresh & Easy store has around 4,500 items on display. About 60% of these items carry the Company’s private labels. So far, the store has been getting good feedback as to the variety of goods that they sell.

Within the month, after the opening of its first two stores, Fresh & Easy plans to open other stores in the areas of Walnut Creek, Concord, Vacaville, Pacifica and Modesto. The company stated that it will first observe the flow of things in the first two stores that have been opened in order to make necessary adjustments to the coming ones and on the two first stores as well. Observers say that the entry of Fresh & Easy stores in the Bay Area will definitely present a challenge for current favorite grocery chains Safeway and Lucky.

News Source: Mercury News