Fresh herbs, when used in your cooking, add that extra natural flavor and fragrance to your dishes. When roughly chopped and used to garnish your food, their green hue adds color and freshness. Next time you go grocery shopping remember these herbs that match with foods, stews or sauces you could make that will go superbly well together.

Chives – These have a delicate onion or garlic-like flavor. It has been proven to be tasty in salads, and sauces such as fish or cheese sauces. This leaves them fresh and just rightly cooked when added during the last minutes of cooking.

Parsley – These are especially useful when making sauces, butter and just about everything.

Sorrel/Bloody Sorrel — This is useful in making salads, soups and sauces since it has a lemon flavor that tastes like zest.

Thyme — This is excellent for stuffing and marinades. Has a powerful aroma and superb in sweet dishes and sauces.

Basil – Sweet basil goes well with tomato-based dishes such as sauces, pasta, salads and stews.

Mint – This is a favorite and a perfect garnish for many dishes. Any food that is a contrast to its bright color such as peas, carrots or potatoes is a perfect match.

Coriander – This works together with other herbs such as mint or basil in salads. Oriental and Mexican dishes feature coriander as one of the main herbs.

Rosemary – To be effective you should use rosemary sprigs as skewers when preparing kebabs. You can eat all the juicy meat plus the skewer. Rosemary has an inviting fragrance that goes well with most meats such as fish, lamb and chicken…Yum!

Fennel – This herb will be a delicious addition in fish stews and fennel seeds add flavor to breads, sauces and curries.

Try these fresh herbs next time you go grocery shopping and savor them in your recipes.