Glanbia Glanbia Foods is engaged in the international production and distribution of nutritional ingredients and cheeses. Glanbia Foods is a subsidiary of Glanbia Plc., an Irish international company involved in agribusiness, consumer foods and nutritional ingredients.

The formation of Glanbia Plc., Glanbia Foods’ parent company, started with the creation of the Waterford Cooperative in 1964. This cooperative was composed of Ireland’s dairy farmers who joined forces in order to produce a wide range of dairy products to be marketed all throughout Ireland and in other markets as well.

Ten years after, the Waterford cooperative was able to acquire a franchise of the French Yoplait, allowing them to include yogurts in their product line. In the same decade, Waterford continued to expand its business by acquiring small creameries.

In the 1980s, Waterford started its expansion to other countries as it was also able to establish its own brands. In order to fund its further international expansion, Waterford went into a merger with cooperative company Avonmore Foods. In the same decade that the two cooperatives merged, both companies also became public. In the next nine years, the merged cooperatives were able to acquire a total of 28 companies in different countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany. The merger was also able to achieve major developments in the United Kingdom with the introduction of mozzarella cheese and liquid milk. In the United States, the company was able to implement developments in their cheese production facilities in Wisconsin, Idaho and Illinois.

In 1988, Waterford created its Waterford Foods division and a year after, it was able to acquire USA’s Galloway West. This allowed Waterford to manufacture cheese, food ingredients and condensed milk in the USA. Eventually, the two giant cooperatives Waterford and Avonmore went into a complete merger and became Glanbia Plc. With the merger complete, Glanbia continued to expand its scope of business, both in Ireland and in other countries.

Currently, Glanbia Foods produces around 300 million liters of milk every year and is considered to be one of the biggest suppliers of milk in Ireland’s grocery sector. Seven of its milk brands are among Ireland’s Top 100 brands. Among the company’s food products include several varieties of milk products, water, juices, spreads, fresh soups and fresh sandwiches.

Headquarters: Twin Falls, Idaho (US Headquarters)
Ownership Type: a subsidiary of Glanbia Plc.
No. of Employees: Information not available
Geography: UK,USA, Germany, Canada, China and Nigeria
Demography: commercial cheese and dairy consumers


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