Global Egg Corporation is a Canadian-based egg processing company and one of the country’s leading egg processing companies.  Its headquarters are located in Ontario, Canada.

Global Egg Corporation was established in 1996 as a result of a merger between two prominent Canadian egg-processing companies. Combined, these two founding companies have a combined experience of seventy-five years, assuring its customers that the company’s products are processed in the highest standards and the egg products are of the highest quality.

Global Egg Corporation primarily produces frozen and liquid egg products that have been pasteurized. The eggs are pasteurized first in order to eliminate the presence of pathogens (harmful bacteria) and ensure food safety. Pasteurization is also done in order to prolong the shelf life of the egg products. These egg products are distributed to the company’s customers for commercial use, for foodservice operators, and for industrial use. Global Egg Corporation supplies a number of the country’s leading food distributors.

Global Egg Corporation has a strong commitment to delivering food that is safe and of the highest quality. The company makes it a priority to follow very strict standards, procedures, and practices, ensuring that the products meet and even exceed USDA and CFIA requirements. By following these strict standards, the company has become the first to be recognized as a HACCP egg processing plant in the country. The company’s products are also certified Kosher and Organic.

Aside from its commitment to food safety, Global Egg Corporation is also committed to technology and innovation. The company’s state-of-the-art facility, situated in Etobicoke in the province of Ontario, is equipped with all the necessary machinery and equipment needed to meet the demands of the market. The company, using its facilities, also aims to show its customers a number of cost-saving initiatives, as well as labor-saving ones.

Global Egg offers whole egg products, yolk products, hard cooked products, omega 3 products, albumen products, specialty mixes, and organic products. Recently, Global Egg entered into a partnership with U.S. egg processor Sunny Fresh Food for offering Canadian food processing companies with high quality further-processed products. The partnership has come up with EggSolutions®, which promote value-added products made from eggs.

Headquarters: Toronto,Ontario
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Geography: Canada
Demography: Food manufacturing companies, foodservice operators

Global Egg

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