GSFGolden State Foods is a worldwide company that focuses on the production of food products to be supplied to several foodservice industries. The company is headquartered in California, USA.

Golden State Foods (GSF) was formed in 1947 by William Moore and was initially a company that supplied products to hotels and restaurants. However, in the 1950s, GSF went into a partnership with McDonalds Corporation allowing both companies to compete with the major players in distribution and processed food industries.

In the 1960s, the company began engaging in a number of liquid products, from condiments to sauces. The company was also the one to make McDonald’s Big Mac® sauce. In 1967, GSF became McDonald’s main supplier of processed food.

Among the company’s recent activities include expansion plans. This expansion in the business is being carried out by developing new services and products to attract new customers, but at the same time keep the existing ones. In 2000, the company introduced the Chef Gold division, which is primarily for its cooked meat and liquid products. Two years later, GSF formed Signature Services with the purpose of expanding its one-stop-shop concept.

Partnering with Taylor Fresh Food Incorporated, GSF is also currently McDonald’s biggest supplier of produce. GSF has also partnered Mid-South Bakery to become a major supplier of bakery products to select customers in the area of Southeast USA.

Currently, GSF has expanded its operations to over 50 customers all around the world. It has been a recognized supplier for food labels like Zaxby’s, Yum! and Popeyes. It is also second in rank when it comes to distributing products for McDonald’s and third in rank when it comes to the large companies that supply the giant food chain with beef. Aside from McDonald’s the company also supplies around 20,000 quick-service restaurants from twenty distribution centers. Golden State Foods has been continually recognized as a company that provides products of exceptional quality.

Golden State Foods has also created a foundation to help local charities, GSF for Kids. These local charities provide help to families and children who are in need.

• Headquarters: Irvine, California
• Ownership Type: Private
• No. of Employees: 4000
• Geography: Egypt, Australia, New Zealand and the USA
• Demography: McDonald’s and other foodservice companies

Most of the company’s products are produced for foodservice companies, specifically McDonald’s. Thus, GSF products are mostly associated with the McDonald’s brand.

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