googleGoogle has unveiled Zavers by Google, a digital coupon product that has been developed to help manufacturers and retailers reward their consumers with relevant coupons. The coupons will be those that fit the interest of the customer with the goal being to increase redemption rates and basket size.

Google says the Zavers solution will provide real-time data that will give manufacturers ways to analyze customer preferences and determine coupon redemptions in order to tailor their campaigns as well as optimize budgets to achieve maximum ROI. The program also will provide access to a network of coupons by manufacturers so that retail revenues can increase. The consumers who become members of Zavers will find the discounts on retailer websites that they prefer and can save the coupons onto their accounts. The customers can then shop for the particular products as usual. The redemption will take place with the saving being automatically applied at the checkout once the shopper gives their phone number or reward card in real time. No sorting or scanning will be necessary and manufacturers will pay only when products are sold.

Zavers has many retailers in its network with New York based D’Agostino being the most recent grocer to join.

The annual National Retail Federation Convention and Expo, held in New York January 14th and 15th, will be a chance for Zavers to demo the solution’s operation at its booth.

Google Inc. has put its resources into various projects for e-commerce. The company recently launched the Google Wallet which allows one to pay from an account with their mobile phone – a virtual wallet.