Greggs Plc is a British chain of retail bakeries. The company is considered the biggest specialty retail bakery in the entire United Kingdom.


Greggs was founded in 1939 by founder John Gregg. The business was originally a bakery in Tyneside. Gregg’s first shop was located in the area of Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tynein the year 1951.

In 1964, Greggs started to implement major expansion plans, led by Ian Greggs, John Greggs’ son. The company began to acquire several bakeries, including Rutherglen (acquired in 1972), Thurstons (acquired in 1974), ‘Broomfields the Bakers,’ ‘Tooks the Bakers’ and Price’s (all acquired in 1976) and Allied Bakeries (acquired in 1994).

In 1999, the company changed the name of 100 of its Braggs baker shops to ‘Greggs of the Midlands,’ and its Thurston chain of bakeries was renamed ‘Greggs of Yorkshire.’ Beginning in 2003, Greggs started to open stores outside of England. It opened 10 stores in the country of Belgium. These stores were mainly located in Leuven and Antwerp. The stores, were later closed when the company decided to focus on U.K. operations.

In December of 2008, the company’s 165 stores that had been known as Bakers Oven were changed to Greggs. This move was made in order for all of the stores to benefit from national advertisement campaigns. In 2009, Greggs had become bigger than McDonalds in all of the U.K. In March of 2011, Greggs opened a new store in York. This brought the company’s total number of stores to 1,500.

Currently, Greggs shops are found in the high streets of the U.K. There are also Greggs stores in parks, universities, airports and other business and industrial places around the country. Aside from having 1,500 stores, the company also has 375 vehicles for delivery services. Greggs has more than 19,000 people working for them, and this number is expected to increase as Greggs still has plans to put up 500 new stores in the coming years.

Greggs currently has more than 250 master bakers who all have years and years of experience in baking. Ever since the bakery’s inception, its sandwiches have always been hand-made and are made daily to assure freshness. The savoury pastries are all baked in the shops, in order to provide customers with excellent quality, oven-fresh baked goods.

Headquarters: Newcastle upon Tyne,England
Ownership Type: Public
Employees: 19,181 (as of 2010)
Geography: UK
Demography:  retail baked goods consumers
Greggs Customer Care: +44 (0)191 212 7624



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