With more and more grocery shoppers turning to grocery coupons for aid nowadays, one gets to be interested in knowing there these coupons can be obtained. Especially with the showing of the reality TV program called ‘Extreme Couponing,’ many people are encouraged to start using grocery coupons to help save some money.

Sunday newspapers used to be the only sources of grocery coupons. Now, a lot of sources for grocery coupons can be found, especially on the Internet. Examples of websites that offer coupons include Coupons.com, RedPlum and SmartSource.com. There are e-coupons, where one is able to avoid having to print or clip coupons. All one needs is a smartphone and a phone application and the coupons are downloaded to the smartphone.

Almost all grocery stores, especially major ones have machines for generating coupons. These machines are usually attached to the racks near items that are most commonly purchased. You can simply pull the coupons out from these machines.

Several publications, such as RedPlum, send out grocery coupons through the mail. All that needs to be done is to register at RedPlum’s website in order to be included in their mailing list for coupons. There are also coupon clipping companies that charge a small fee for their services. Company websites also offer coupons for their products. Kellogg’s is an example of a website that offers coupons from their website.

Magazines are also sources of grocery coupons. Most magazines, especially most women’s’ magazines, offer coupons for grocery and household items. Product packaging can sometimes be a source of coupons. Coupons can be found in wrappers or the inside part of the packaging boxes of the products.