Following its announcement of a public offering, a consumer survey done by Bloomberg/YouGov suggests that Groupon may be gaining more in the next six months. This is because, according to the survey, those consumers who have not yet tried using online coupons plan to do so with Groupon’s online coupons.

According to the survey, 19 % of consumers who have not yet tried buying a single coupon online plan to try it and buy coupons from Groupon. On the other hand, 90% of those who participated in the survey have already bought deals on Groupon during the last six months. These consumers have also said that they plan to buy Groupon’s deals again in the future. Meanwhile, one-third of the survey respondents said that they have never used the service and that they have never even heard of Groupon.

Since its announcement last June 2 about yet making a profit, Groupon has encountered a number of skeptic comments. The company’s IPO of $750 million is currently attracting potential investors, as well as new customers who are intrigued by the company’s deals and services.

Despite having a strong position in the daily deals industry, Groupon still faces stiff competition, mostly from its close rivals Facebook Deals and Google Offers. These two competitors provide Groupon a run for its money.

According to Michael Nardis, YouGov Investment head, the number of survey respondents who have yet to try Groupon’s deals equal the number of those people who have already tried buying from the company. With this, YouGov predicts that Groupon has an opportunity to increase its customer base to double its current number by the year end.