fruit & nutsSnacking is a culture that has become deeply ingrained in our society that in years to come may actually be something that defines us in a way. However, the health issues related to having a quick snack break such as a chocolate bar, or a handful of sweets, or when in a rush having a bag of fries for lunch are obvious. Doing away with snacking, in these rushed times where time always seems to fly would be close to impossible. Good news is, with the proper choices, you can snack and not have to worry about ‘eating yourself away’ literally.

Truth is, we all want to lead healthier lives, but this choice requires that one be committed to follow through, as well as have to go an extra mile or two to reap the benefits of healthy snacking. With a few tricks, this choice could become a habit sooner than you realize. The first thing that one should do is to realize that snacking is intended to satisfy the cravings in between meals and as a result, the quantity should be looked into carefully. In addition, one can decide to top up on what they seem to be lacking as they continue with their daily routine. For instance, if they realize they have a low calcium intake; they could decide to eat more yogurt.

The second thing that one should consider is to prepare in advance. Shopping for snacks in advance and then placing them where they are in our constant view would make it easier for us to follow this healthier alternative. In addition, if we decide to take fruits as snacks we could prepare them before going to the office. A particularly favorite snack, that is indeed healthy, is nuts, which are a great source of energy and also very delicious. However, one should be very careful because of its allergen properties. It should be realized, also, that this may take time to develop and one should have fun with the new habit by trying out different healthy snack combinations such as dried fruit and seeds mixed with popcorn and pretzel.