Vegetarian Burrito BowlsLast month, Helen’s Kitchen introduced its newest line of products, the Vegetarian Burrito Bowls.

According to statistics, about half of the people in America spend only thirty minutes (even less) cooking. It is no surprise that the most popular food in the country is frozen meals, mainly because they offer convenience to the consumer. Trends have shown that premium frozen foods and the type that say they are ‘better-for-you’ are the ones that are the most in demand in the market currently. This trend is expected to grow even more in the future.

In response to this growing trend, Helen’s Kitchen® Vegetarian Burrito Bowls were created to provide people on the go with the convenience of healthy and ready-to-eat vegetable meals. Having always specialized in organic, vegetarian frozen food items, the company has come up with these gluten-free, frozen vegetarian meals to provide health-conscious consumers with a convenient and delicious meal. Whether at home, on the go or at the workplace, these vegetarian bowls are perfect meals anytime, anywhere.

Helen’s Kitchen Vegetarian Burrito Bowls contain two vegetable servings. Each bowl contains 10 grams of protein and a good deal of fiber. Aside from being gluten-free, these burrito bowls also contain no trans fat, no MSG and no antibiotics or steroids. These products also do not contain any genetically modified organisms and are purely organic.

Helen’s Kitchen Vegetarian Bowls are available in two varieties: Veggie Fajita (contains Anaheim peppers, corn and black beans) and Fiesta Black Beans (contains black beans, spinach and brown rice). Suggested price for every 10-oz. retail pack is $4.99.

Helen’s Kitchen Vegetarian Bowls are now available in retail stores nationwide.