Illinois-based food company Gilster-Mary Lee announced on the 2nd of January, a voluntary product recall against some packs of its Lasagna Dinner Mix. This product is on recall because of the presence of an undeclared allergen.

The allergen, soy, is said to be part of the product’s ingredients but is not included on the list of ingredients on the package. The mislabeling was discovered when it was found that the labeling on the product did not coincide with the packaging’s content. Instead of the dry lasagna mix, it was the “Creamy Noodle Tuna Dinner” mix that was in it. The tuna dinner mix has soy as part of its ingredients, one that is not found in the lasagna mix.

Soy is considered to be one of the common food allergens that trigger an allergic reaction to people who are hypersensitive to it. Sometimes, allergic reactions can turn to something even more serious which can possibly lead to death. To date, no allergy attacks or any illnesses related to the recalled product have been reported.

Specific information about the recalled dinner mix is the following:
Brand: Hill Country Fare
Size: 6.4 ounces
Product description: Dry Lasagna Dinner Mix
Date code: NOV2112Y18
UPC code: 41220-78102
Total Quantity: 698 cases, or 8,376 cartons

The recalled product was distributed to retail stores in Texas only. Consumers who may have bought the recalled lasagna mix are advised to return it to the store in order to be given a refund. Customers who have questions about the product can also call Gilster-Mary Lee at 618-826-2361, extension 3283.