Holly Park Meat PackersHolly Park Meat Packers Inc., is a privately-owned meat processing company headquartered in Cookstown, Canada. The company specializes in processing beef, lamb, veal and bacon.

Holly Park Meat Packers was founded in the year 1979, more than 25 years ago. In all its years of operation, the company has always been engaged in meat processing and has focused its operations on meats like veal, lamb and beef. The company’s main mission is to be able to give the best possible service in order for its customers to be happy.

Holly Park Meat Packers has its headquarters in Cookstown, Canada. Its meat processing facility is federally inspected, assuring customers that its operations and products are safe. Aside from its meat processing facility in Cookstown, the company also has its own farm and slaughterhouse. The company’s farm is located in Rockwood in the province of Ontario while its slaughterhouse is located in Bolton (still in Ontario). The farm is where it gets its primary supply of meat, aside from other producers that supply the company. Having a farm, a slaughterhouse and a processing facility enables Holly Park Meat Packers to implement traceability. With this, the company is able to follow and monitor the process every step of the way, from the animals harvested at the farm to where the final product is produced.

Holly Park’s products have also been recognized for its premium quality. For instance, on February of 2009, the company’s Phoenix bacon was given a silver award for its excellent quality. The Ontario Independent Meat Producers at its yearly conference made the award. Holly Park’s bacon came out as the winner among over a hundred premium poultry and meat products that were nominated. The company’s bacon product proved to be excellent in the following categories: visual appeal, uniqueness, flavour, aroma, consumer appeal, appearance and texture.

In April of 2010, an investment of $1.5 million from the Canadian Government’s Slaughter Improvement Program allowed Holly Park Meat Packers to improve the company’s operations that will ultimately result to the industry becoming more profitable. Currently, Holly Park Meat Packers is considered the biggest provincially inspected meat processing plant in Ontario. It has a hundred employees working at its facilities, making sure that the facilities run smoothly all the time.

Headquarters: Cookstown, Canada
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: 80 to 100 employees
Demography: Foodservice companies

Holly Park Meat Packers,Phoenix

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