Hostess Brands of Irving, Texas has recently announced that it will be offering a limited edition of its well-loved snack, Hostess® Twinkies, in the original banana filling.

Originally, Hostess made their Twinkies products with a banana filling (according to Grandpa Twinkies’ original recipe). However, because of a scarcity of bananas during World War II, the company switched to a vanilla crème filling. From that time on, all Hostess Twinkies have been filled with vanilla crème.

Now, after 81 years, the company is bringing back the original Twinkies for a limited time to give customers a taste of that well-loved banana cream-filled pastry. According to Amy Clark, Hostess’ Director for Snack Marketing, Hostess has always been setting the standard for creating food treats that are timeless, lasting from generation to generation. This limited availability offer is just one way to show that. Aside from bringing back the original banana cream-filled Twinkies, Hostess is also changing the packaging for some of its products including Ho Hos, Chocolate Cupcakes and Ding Dongs. The new packaging will be inspired by the 1970’s look. This new, yet old packaging, as well as the retro recipe, will celebrate the company’s amazing history and at the same time, offer customers with a nostalgic feeling in every bite.

As part of the products’ promotion, consumers will be given a chance to get a retro Twinkie collectible alarm clock. This will last until June 11. Customers will be able to get this collectible by mailing in 2 UPC codes and $4.95 for the shipping and handling fees.