Nowadays, coupons have become so extensive that it is becoming a little hard to keep up with all of the deals. To help shoppers catch up on everyday deals, coupon experts shares some valuable tips.

Bookmarking certain websites has become useful for coupon-clipping consumers. Especially for those who browse deals online, experts suggest bookmarking. Websites like, and are the most common websites bookmarked for coupons because these sites update their offered deals often.

Social networking sites are also a ton of help. Experts suggest that signing up for Facebook keeps you updated about manufacturers’ latest deals and promotions. Nowadays, most manufacturers have Facebook pages which let them advertise their products, services and promotions. Simply hit “Like” on a brand’s Facebook page and you will automatically be updated with their deals on your own news feed.

Experts also suggest signing up for a coupon website’s RSS feeds. For instance, will give you instant updates on new deals and coupons. The updates will be sent to you via e-mail.

Another tip that coupon experts suggest is to make use of databases for coupons. Examples of these databases are those found at These databases are updated regularly, so you will be informed about what coupons are the newest and where to find them, whether online, in magazines or coupon inserts.

With these suggestions, more likely than not, consumers will have their hands full with all the daily deals being offered. All that is left to do is to plan your shopping list around the deals that are being offered for the day.