GMOThe initiative by Washington state to label GMOs seems to have failed, although final outcome is still uncertain with majority of the votes still uncounted. Critics have often branded the GMO foods as “frankenfoods,” which has evoked sinister scientists’ images cobbling vegetable monsters in labs. To make matters worse, Monsanto, which was recent dubbed the most evil corporation globally, is the principal purveyor of genetic engineering. At corporations such as Monsanto, genetic engineers splice genes from an organism into another organism’s DNA to confer specific desirable characteristics to the offspring. The genetic engineering technology scares many people because its capability of redesigning life is limitless.

More than ninety percent of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans support GMO labeling. By labeling such food products, it means that majority of the consumers will cease purchasing the products. This has already been witnessed in most of the parts of Europe. The first genetic engineering activities were carried out in the lab in the 1970s. However, marketing of those products was not popular until cotton, corn and Bt potatoes were introduced in 1990s. In the mentioned crops, the genes from the bacterium, bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), are inserted into the DNA of the plant so that they acquire an insect toxicity trait.

The studies previously conducted with the aim of investigating the dangers of GMOs have flaws. This means that there is no solid evidence showing that GMOs are unsafe or unhealthy. Struggling against GMOs is more like fighting the symptoms and overlooking the disease. Humanity’s nature abuse is the disease. Instead of putting all the blame or finding faults in GMOs, we should fight the factories that farm on steroids that poison and exhaust the natural systems.