Innova-Dog-Food-Innova is a brand of pet products produced by Procter & Gamble. In a move that surprised most industry stakeholders, Procter & Gamble entered the pet food business with the acquisition of Natural Pet Products in 2010. Natural Pet Products is responsible for the manufacture of a number of product lines including Innova, Evo, Mother Nature and Karma Pet Foods, among others.

The company recently announced a new line of farmhouse stews for pet owners who would like to improve the meals of their dogs. This is a very good alternative to dry food and has a high quantity of ingredients that have been proven very nutritious and appealing to dogs. Most of the products under the Innova brand feature two distinct types of animal proteins. The foods also contain a variety of farm grown fruits and vegetables. The packaging of the products is unique in the sense that it is has a transparent package. This allows you to see what is inside. You can easily see the chunks of real meat, vegetables and fruits in the contents of the food even before you make the final decision for purchasing the product.

Innova was created under the philosophy that pets require fresh, natural and whole ingredients for their health. The brand is committed to continued improvement of their products in an effort to improve the lives of pets through superior nutrition. The wholesome fruits, vegetables and meat used in the production of the Innova line of products ensure that your pets enjoy optimal health at every stage of their growth.

Some of the products produced under this brand include the following:

Lamb meal and rice formula, large bites, adult dog food

Chicken meal and rice, puppy food

Lamb meal and rice formula, small and medium breed puppy food

Chicken and brown rice formula, adult canned dog food

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