British food company Joseph Heler recently introduced a new product to the UK market. This new product is called “Spicy Bobbing Apple Cheddar.”

This new cheese variety was created in the hopes of bringing something new and different to the world of commercial cheeses. This spiced cheddar is created using a blend of cinnamon, apple chunks and cheddar cheese. The launching of this product was held last September 26, in all Tesco stores throughout the United Kingdom. The product launching was held just in time for Bonfire Night and Halloween. Heler’s “Spicy Bobbing Apple Cheddar” will only be available for a limited time however, as it will only be sold in the market for 6 weeks.

This latest product launch from Joseph Heler is just proof of the company’s continuing desire to provide consumers with a diverse range of cheeses, specifically those created by blended combinations. The company also strives to continue to remain true to the traditional values of cheese making, while at the same time is dedicated to working with new ways of cheese making.

According to the company’s Managing Director Mike Heler, the company is proud of the quality and taste that this new variety of cheese offers. The company is confident that this new product will be received well in the market.

Joseph Heler is the biggest regional cheese maker in the whole of the UK. It is also the fifth biggest cheese producer in the country. The company offers more than 40 kinds of cheeses and liquid products, which include whey cream, skim concentrate and sweet cream.