Special K Bars On March 3, Kellogg’s announced the addition of two new flavors to its Special K® Bars, as well as enhancing them with more fiber.

The company came up with the idea to increase the fiber content of its Special K® Bars because it continually recognizes how important it is to provide positive nutrition, especially for consumers who are weight-conscious. The fiber-enhanced cereal bar now contains three grams of fiber per serving. K® Bar flavors which now have an increased fiber content include Blueberry, Chocolatey Drizzle, Chocolatey Pretzel, Honey Nut, Peaches and Berries, Strawberry and Vanilla Crisp.

In addition, the company has also introduced two new flavors, both of which are delicious ones, aimed at providing consumers with even more reasons to love Kellogg’s. The cereal bars’ two new flavors are Chocolatey Chip Cookie and Raspberry Cheesecake. These flavors were inspired from two great tasting desserts that people have always loved. These Special K® Bars provide consumers with a delicious and healthy in-between meal treat. Each bar contains only 90 calories and an increased amount of fiber (3 grams per serving).

Of all nutrients, Kellogg’s has decided to increase the fiber content of its products. This is because of every 10 Americans, only about 1 or less get enough fiber into their system everyday. Also, studies have shown that enough consumption of fiber is directly connected to lower body weight.

Kellogg’s® Special K® Bars (with more fiber) are now available in various grocery stores all over the country. Customers can visit http://www.specialk.com/cereal-bars for more information about the product.