Longview Beef Jerky is a Canadian company that specializes in jerky products. The company is headquartered in Longview, Canada.

Longview Beef Jerky was established in 1980 with the founders’ mission in creating the company being to provide excellent quality beef jerky that has been prepared traditionally and will appeal to all consumers both locally and internationally.

These jerky products are sourced from Alberta’s prime cattle. Natural grasses, grasses that have been exposed to water and sunshine, nourish the cattle. Citizens of Longview have long been experienced in raising cattle that gives beef that has an outstanding flavor.

Longview’s meat products are processed in its HACCP-certified facility. As the facility is also federally inspected, consumers can be assured that all of Longview’s products are safe and hazard-free. In fact, Longview’s facility is regarded as a “model operation” by federal inspectors.

Longview’s jerky products are power proteins that have been sliced, marinated and cooked perfectly, as every consumer would expect from a premium Canadian meat. Longview’s jerky products have long been described as “marinated cooked beef steak.” The company’s jerky has reached far and wide, from Canadian soldiers doing service in Afghanistan to mountaineers conquering the highest peaks. People exposed to extreme temperatures, from the most bitter cold to the blistering hot, have Longview’s jerky satisfying their cravings. In these types of environments, Longview jerky is certainly the perfect snack.  The jerky products are likely the most traveled meat products in the world.

Based on the number of testimonials that the company has received about their jerky products, it is a proven fact that Longview’s jerky is softer and more tender, as compared to other beef jerky products available in the market. Some of Longview’s jerky product varieties include Honey Garlic, Sweet Chili, and Teriyaki jerky. The company also has buffalo jerky aside from its beef jerky products. In addition to the jerky range, Longview also offers other meat products, such as Bavarian Sausage and Roni Stix.

Longview Beef Jerky supplies its products to both wholesalers and retailers. The jerky products can also be seen displayed in a number of grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores.

Headquarters: Longview, Alberta
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Wholesale food companies, retail food businesses

Longview Beef Jerky

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