Lyons Seafoods Limited is a British specialty food company engaged in the production of specialty seafood. The company is headquartered in Warminster, UK.

Lyons Seafoods Ltd was founded on August 11, 1994. The founders of the company established the business motivated by five guiding principles that include process and technical excellence, customer service, continuous innovation and employee engagement.

Lyons Seafoods believes in being environmentally responsible when it comes to taking care of its sources. In fact, the company was the first food manufacturer to introduce Marine Stewardship Council-certified cold-water prawns into the UK market in 2008. Lyons Seafood was also the first UK processor of seafood to map its carbon footprint, starting from the source until it reaches the store. The company has also developed a plan to reduce its carbon dioxide emission. In November of 2010, Lyons Seafoods was recognised for its exceptional environmental practices.

Lyons Seafoods has a state-of-the-art facility located in Warminster, its headquarters. The facility can process 22,000 tonnes of seafood and also has a purpose-built micro-laboratory which supports the company’s “Process Research Programme.” In February of 2010, Lyons Seafoods was awarded the “BRC Grade A*Global Standard for Food Safety Certification.” This award placed the company in the upper 0.2% of facilities all over the world in terms of GMP, or “Good Manufacturing Practices. The company’s chemistry and micro laboratories are audited and accredited by Campden BRI every year.

Since 2008, Lyons Seafood has been the only seafood processor in the UK to offer its customers with chilled freshly-cooked prawns. The introduction of this product to the UK market represents an important change in the quality of products, especially in delivering the best texture and flavor.

Lyons Seafoods places very high importance on customer service. The company is composed of teams from different departments who are committed to deliver excellent customer service. Inside the company, there is an environment of teamwork that encourages the development of each employees personality. The company fosters an environment that makes its people feel involved, respected and valued.

Since its inception, Lyons Seafoods has been producing and processing a wide range of seafood products that include crayfish, mussels, king prawns, tiger prawns, salmon appetizers, seafood selections and specialty seafood.

Headquarters: Warminster, UK
Ownership Type: private
Employees: information not available
Geography: UK
Demography: retail seafood consumers


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