Marks_and_Spencer_Sutton_SurreyMarks & Spencer (M & S), an upmarket food retailer made an announcement concerning its plan to open 150 food stores in France and the UK. This move was announced on 24 October. The food retailer also stated that it had plans of increasing the Simply Food portfolio to minimize the time that customers take to get to the food store. About fifty percent of the new stores are to be managed by the existing franchise partners of the retailers. This is with respect to service areas, hospitals, petrol stations, and airports. M & S will own other new stores, which will be opened in retail parks and high streets across the United Kingdom. As a result, more than five thousand retail jobs will be created.

The retail store’s anticipated partnership with France will lead to the establishment of about ten M & S stores in Paris and other areas in France by the year 2018. The first store will begin its trading activities next summer. The retail store is also planning to launch other outlets in Netherlands. The French stores are expected to offer customers at least 2,500 fresh food items in partnership with Relay France, known to operate newspaper, book, magazine, and convenience store chains across 850 locations in airports, railway stations, hospitals, and metro stations.

According to Steve Rowe, the executive director of food at M & S, the food retailer has maintained exceptional food quality, in addition to offering innovative products over the last three years. The company ethics are also unrivalled. This means that the expansion would not compromise on the quality of food products offered to customers. Rather, it will ensure that the customers’ needs are met effectively.