Mace is a chain of convenience stores located in theRepublic of Ireland and the UK. The company is a subsidiary of Palmer and Harvey, and is headquartered in East Sussex, UK.


In 1999, P&H gained control of Mace in Wales and England when it was able to acquire Booker Wholesale Foods. The Mace store symbol has under gone several ownerships in its Great Britain history. In 2005, Palmer and Harvey acquired the entire rights to the Mace brand. This acquisition finally unified the brand with Palmer & Harvey as the owner.

In the past, Mace stores have experienced defections from retailers because of the trouble of changes in regular ownership (Mace had changed ownership three times in a very short span of time). The acquisition by Palmer and Harvey contributed significantly to solving the problem, as well as allowing the Mace brand to recover from past defections. Prior to being owned by Palmer and Harvey, the company Aberness Foods previously ran Mace stores in Scotland. When Palmer and Harvey took over Mace, 25 stores decided to defect to SPAR.

In the area of Northern Ireland, the Musgrave Group owns the Mace brand. Mace came to be owned by Musgrave when it acquired JJ Haslett. Mace stores in Northern Ireland do not have the same look as Mace stores in Great Britain.

Since 1962, Mace was trading in the Republic of Ireland. Initially, there were a number of wholesalers that operated the brand. Currently, Mace in the Republic of Ireland is under BWG Foods. Before being owned by BWG, Mace’s ownership was split between Vantage Holdings and Mangans Wholesale. In 2000, BWG bought the ownership rights that belonged to Vantage Holdings and 8 years after, BWG then bought the whole of Mangans Group, which included the ownership right to Mace.

In the whole of Ireland (both south and north), Mace stores have a more advanced range of store services, as compared to Great Britain. A majority, if not all, of Mace stores offer “to go” hot food and “bean to cup” hot beverages. The stores are also normally larger, while the smaller stores are re-named as “Mace Express.”

Headquarters: East Sussex,UK
Ownership Type: a subsidiary of Palmer and Harvey
Employees: information not available
Geography: Republic of Ireland, UK
Demography: retail products consumers


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