Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) is a line of discount stores that carry general merchandise and groceries. The stores are designed into several different classes: Target, Super Target, and Target Greatland. In addition, they run an on-line business, and several other subsidiaries. Their headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Target has stores in every state in the U.S., other than Vermont, with Super Targets in 22 states. In January 2011, the company announced plans to expand into Canada, and intends to have 100-150 stores up and running by 2013. As of December 2010 (the latest information available) the company was operating 1,740 stores, including 251 Super Targets. The average size of Target stores is 125,800 square feet, with the average Super Target being 177,000 square feet.

Locations of Target Stores by State (includes Super Target, Hawaii and Alaska are estimates)

Alaska 26 Kentucky 13 North Dakota 4
Arizona 48 Maine 5 Oklahoma 14
Arkansas 8 Maryland 36 Oregon 19
California 244 Massachusetts 33 Pennsylvania 59
Colorado 42 Michigan 60 Rhode Island 4
Connecticut 20 Minnesota 37 South Carolina 18
Delaware 20 Mississippi 6 South Dakota 5
DC n/a Missouri 36 Tennessee 32
Florida 126 Montana 7 Texas 148
Georgia 55 Nebraska 14 Utah 11
Hawaii 26 Nevada 19 Vermont 0
Idaho 6 New Hampshire 9 Virginia 56
Illinois 86 New Jersey 43 Washington 35
Indiana 33 New Mexico 9 West Virginia 6
Iowa 22 New York 64 Wisconsin 37
Kansas 19 North Carolina 47 Wyoming 2

Store Types and Some Subsidiaries

Targets are discount stores of 95,000 – 135,000 square feet of space. They carry a limited number of groceries, mostly non-perishables. In addition, they sell clothing, jewelry, shoes, health and beauty products, CDs, DVDs, bedding, electronics, kitchen supplies, pet supplies, sporting goods, toys, automotive products, and hardware. Some stores also carry a small selection of fresh produce and frozen foods. They also carry seasonal products such as patio furniture and Christmas decorations.

Some Targets include optical, Target Clinic, a portrait studio and pharmacy.

Super Targets cover 174,000 square feet of space. They carry all the merchandise of a regular Target, but in addition, they have a full grocery store that includes fresh produce, bakery, deli, and optical services.

Target Greatland covers about 150,000 square feet. They carry the same products as regular Target, but also carry a limited supply of groceries, including some fresh produce.

Target Financial and Retail Services issues and handles the business of Target credit cards.

Target Commercial Interiors offers design services and furnishings for offices.

Target offers a number of private label products:

• Archer Farms
• Market Pantry
• Sutton & Dodge (premium meats)
• Trutech (electronics)
• up & up (environmentally conscience household, health care, beauty and baby products)

As of the fiscal year end at January 2010 1 the total group of Target stores was $65.0 billion. Food related sales contributed $24.8 billion (39%) to that total. The company owns a 3.3% market share and currently stands at seventh place.

Banners: Target, Archer Farms, Market Pantry, Sutton & Dodge, Trutech, up & up