Kudos Granola Bar Mars Chocolate North America has re-introduced the Kudos® Granola Bar to the market. This new and improved granola bar comes in three flavors: M&M, Dove and Snickers.

These granola bars have always been a popular treat to consumers because of its great taste and the nutrients it contains. With the addition of these popular and delicious flavors from Mars, the improved granola bar will be an even better tasting treat. This will also make the product unique from all the other cereal bars available in the market. Every 100 grams of this granola bar is also a very good source of calcium

The Snicker®-flavored granola bar contains 20% more peanuts. The M&M’s®-flavored granola bar contains these popular candies mixed in and the Dove®-flavored granola bar has Dove chocolate drizzles on it. The granola bars were re-launched last May of 2011 and was one of the new products that were presented at the NCA Snacks and Sweets Exposition 2011 held in Chicago.

The granola bars will be available at the market in packs containing 10 or 30 pieces. The 10-piece pack contains four M&M’s®-flavored bars, three Dove®-flavored bars and three Snickers®-flavored bars. The 30-piece pack will contain 10 bars each of the three flavors. As part of the product’s re-launch, Kudosbar.com has also be created, which will have all the information and promotions regarding the granola bars.

Also, this re-launched product will be in cross promotions along with other brands from Mars. Each 10-piece pack is sold at $2.99 and each 30-piece pack is sold at $6.99. Kudos® Granola Bar is now available in retail stores all over the country.