McKessonThis company plays a central role in the healthcare supply of Canada through the provision of sound solutions to pharmacies, manufacturers, health care centers and several other health care institutions. These institutions serve the day-to-day needs of Canadian patients. McKesson Canada has been the leader in health care distribution and logistics for about one hundred years.


The history of McKesson Canada dates back to 1905 when there was the incorporation of the National Drug and Chemical Company of Canada. This was later followed by initiation of the operational integration of 19 wholesale drug companies, as well as 13 retail stores in 1906. The purchase of Drugs Limited marked the creation of National Drug in Manitoba. Other branches were started in Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. There was also the acquisition of Western Drug in British Columbia by National Drug.

The corporate name was changed to National Drug Limited in 1980. A few years later, South Western Drug Limited of British Columbia was acquired. The name Medis Health and Pharmaceutical Services was adopted in 1987. The name McKesson Canada was adopted in 2002 with the introduction of a new brand. The major objective of McKesson Canada was providing innovative and integrated solutions to assist health care providers and pharmacists in meeting the challenges facing the health care market in Canada. The company marked its 100th anniversary in 2005. The company formally partnered with Nova Scotia’s Health Department in 2009.


Company Headquarters: 4705 Dobrin Street, Saint-Laurent, Quebec

Ownership: Public Company

Number of Stores: 29 locations

Geography: Canada, Quebec, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Trenton, Calgary, British Columbia

Demography: business to business

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