MEIJER KNAPPS CORNERIn 2013, Meijer will be finalizing a $160 million plus investment plan to remodel and put up new stores, including the building of six supercenters and major remodeling projects for five stores.

Illinois, Indiana and Michigan will have two new supercenters and the remodeling projects will be at four Michigan stores and one Illinois Meijer location.

Co-CEO and Co-chairman Hank Meijer said that the chain was pleased to be conitunally investing in the Midwest region as the communities had supported them for many years. Meijer said that the chain had focused on service to the customer and kept their prices low, which has helped them to continue to develop, even during the tough economic times.

For each of the new Meijer locations there will be more than 250 full-time and part-time jobs, according to the retailer. The chain has opened twenty-nine stores since 2007, and dozens more have been remodeled. The company has said that these stores have generated millions in tax revenue for the local communities and many people had obtained jobs.

Remodeling will involve enhancing the stores both inside and out in areas such as heating, lighting, maintenance of parking lots, refrigeration and exterior lighting. New technology will be introduced in some key areas so that energy usage is reduced and the stores become more energy-efficient.

Two of its stores are set to go through a significantly more complete remodel program. These stores are the Knapp’s Corner Meijer in Grand Rapids, Michigan and South Pennsylvania Road, Meijer in Lansing, Michigan. The Knapp’s Corner store will undergo a new flagship remodeling as it tests new design elements it is considering for its future stores. The South Pennsylvania store will undergo total reconstruction for a 14-month period so as to transform this aging store to an all-new location.

Meijer Inc. has 199 grocery stores and supercenters in Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.