Ellie Kemper Memento MomentNescafé Memento, instantly better with Ellie Kemper. Funny lady recruited to dispense life advice for Nestlé’s new line of gourmet, instant foaming café beverages. Complete with a new Facebook application and a series of videos, the Office star plays a “life coach” and interacts with you by utilizing a quick questionnaire, coupled with info from your own Facebook profile.  Give the facebook app access to your profile and you’ll get customized messages from funny Kemper with unique, witty and funny and sometimes awkward advice.

For the social media savvy, the app was developed to make the experience both interactive and customizable by pulling in fans’ open graph data and then allowing the fans to provide input into the app. This allows the fans to not only control their experience of how Ellie Kemper provides them with life coaching advice, but provides fans with a unique experience. Dont expect artificial intelligence technology tailoring her advice, but with some 531,441 possible video combinations, this Life Coach app is very interesting. You can help Ellie Kemper become the world’s best “life coach”! Make a cup of new Nescafé Memento, sit on your couch and start your free life enhancing session today. Almost 1 MM fans on facebook Now!