Mike SellsMike – Sell’s is a snack food manufacturing company based in Dayton, Ohio. The company manufactures and distributes potato chips in a variety of flavors. Apart from potato chips, it also produces pretzels, puffcorn and curls, and other snacks, as well as men’s and ladies apparel through its online store.

The history of Mike-Sell’s began in 1910, when the founder of the company, Daniel W. Mikesell and his wife bought equipment for manufacturing potato chips. At the time, they were running a small company that manufactured sausages and dried beef. His sons delivered the products using a horse-drawn wagon. The company became very successful.

In 1913, Mikesell purchased a Ford delivery truck and started delivering his products with it. His competitors thought he was crazy to buy such an expensive truck. The same year, the company was destroyed by flood. Although the business recovered, the company was completely destroyed by a devastating fire in 1915. He built a new plant and started expanding his factory and also bought the neighboring properties. His son, Dwight Mikesell came up with the idea for the new organized factory.

In 1925, it introduced a new logo, Mike-Sell’s. During the 1930s, it continued to grow, surviving the Great Depression. The company also started selling its products outside Dayton. They took his chips to state and county fairs, and they were very popular.

In 1995, the management committee consisted of Dan Mikesell as President, Dwight Mikesell and James R. Fellows as Vice Presidents, and Les Mapp as Executive Vice President. That year, a new plant was built on Leo Street in Dayton. New equipment was added, and the techniques and methods of manufacturing were also improved.

In 1965, Dan Mikesell passed away, and Les Mapp became the CEO. The company expanded to Columbus, Ohio by 1971. Dayton Coca Cola Bottling Company merged with Mike-Sell’s and formed Mi-Ko, Inc. It also expanded to Indianapolis and Cincinnati. By 1987, it covered 4 states: Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. In 2000, the company celebrated 90th anniversary. Over the years, it introduced new flavors. In 2010, Mike-Sell’s celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Company headquarters: 333 Leo Street, Dayton, OH
Ownership: Private
Annual revenue: $2.5 to 5 million
Number of employees: 5 to 9
Geography: USA
Demography: Natural and Organic

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