Molson Coors Brewing Company is a holding company that has subsidiaries operating in different parts of the world including the United Kingdom, Canada, Russian and the United States.

Molson Coors was created with the merging of two large brewing companies, Canada’s Molson (founded in 1786) and America’s Coors (founded in 1873). The merger of these two companies was completed in February of 2005. The company’s board of directors was composed of Francesco Bellini, Peter Coors, Franklin Hobbs, Gary Matthews, Eric Molson, Pamela Patsley, John Cleghorn, Melissa Coors, Leo Kiely, Andrew Molson and Sanford Riley.

Because the company has a bi-national nature, it is traded in the stock exchange markets of both the United States and Canada, with control of the shares of stocks divided equally between the Coors and Molson families.

With this merger, Molson Coors Brewing Co. was considered to be the fifth biggest brewing company in the year 2006 in terms of volume (producing 42.1 million barrels of beer). Because the company has a number of large subsidiaries, it currently has two headquarters in two different countries, Canada and the United States.

There was a period in the company’s history where it was reported to have been releasing volatile organic compounds into the environment. The company was finally able to resolve this problem by introducing a new printing technique that uses UV light. This new technology introduced by the company proved to be more environmentally friendly as compared to the previous process that the company had been implementing.

In October of 2007, the company announced a joint venture together with SABMiller for the purpose of marketing all their products in the United States market. In June of 2010, Molson Coors introduced Coors Light® in the Russian market. Coors Light® was first made available in retail establishments in Moscow. Other markets in different regions in Russia soon followed suit. In December of the same year, Molson Coors was able to acquire a 51% interest in Molson Coors China. In February of 2011, Molson Coors completed its purchase of British company Sharp’s Brewery.

Currently, Molson Coors has a very diverse collection of partner brands as well as its own retail brands.

• Headquarters: Denver, Colorado and Montreal, Canada
• Ownership Type: Public
• No. of Employees: 14,660 (March 2011)
• Geography: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia
• Demography: Beer consumers

Singha®, Coors Light®, Keystone®, Keystone Light®, Carling®, Worthington’s®, Grolsch®, Stones®, Zatec®, Dos Equis®, Molson®, Rickard’s®, Cobra Beer®

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