Primula® Cheeses has recently launched two additions to its line of cheese spreads. The two new varieties are Cheddar Cheese & Black Pepper and Cheddar Cheese & Onion.

Primula® Cheeses have always been popular to UK consumers because of its authenticity in taste and premium quality. It is hoped that these two new flavours of the cheese spreads will add to the popularity of the Primula® brand cheese products.

Both new products are made with cheddar cheese that is perfectly matured and added with just the right amount of onion or black pepper to give it the perfect kick. Both varieties have been adapted from the original Primula® cheese variety and contain a high quantity of authentic cheddar cheese. This gives the new products a stronger cheddar cheese taste as compared to other cheddar cheese spreads that are available in the market. Like all other Primula cheeses, these two varieties are a rich source of calcium and protein, and does not contain any artificial preservatives, colouring or flavours. It is also free from gluten, and is a good option for mothers-to-be, as it is a pasteurised product.

These two new cheese spread varieties have been created keeping in mind those consumers who prefer strongly flavoured cheese spreads. Both varieties are low in fat. These cheese spreads only have 16% fat, significantly lowered as compared to the 33% fat content of hard cheddar cheeses.

These new cheese spread varieties are perfect for crackers, toasts or oatcakes. It can also be added as an ingredient in a variety of meals. These cheese spreads are now available at any Morrisons branch for around £1.25 each (net weight 125 grams).