Nestlé’s sports nutrition division has launched a new energy drink that has gotten its inspiration from the 2011 National Series Athleta Iron Girl. This new energy bar is marketed under the PowerBar brand and is called the Iron Lady Energy Bar.

PowerBar has long been a partner of the World Triathlon Corporation, the same organization responsible for the Iron Girl marathon series. The Iron Lady national series consists of 13 races all over the country. As a way of extending the partnership between the two organizations, Nestlé’s new Energy Bar has been inspired by this event. It is available in two flavors, Cocoa Crunch, and Strawberry and Cranberry. Every iron girl bar contains an abundance of whole grains mixed with cocoa and fruit. These bars are a rich source of calcium, vitamin B-complex and iron.

According to PowerBar’s Manager for Brand Development, Neel Premkumar, Iron Lady Bars support adult women’s active lifestyles. Whether the bar is used as a supplemental food for training athletes or as an on-the-go snack for a woman’s everyday busy routine. Because energy bars are compact, do not require preparation and are lightweight, they are the perfect snack to take just about anywhere. It is a convenient and no-mess snack food that is packed with nutrition. Best of all, these energy bars gives a quick boost of energy, especially in vital situations.

Iron Lady Energy Bars are now available at Target Stores in different parts of the country. Retail price for a single pack of this energy bar costs $0.99 cents, while a pack of six bars costs $4.99.